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Frame Ace - You Name It, We Frame It

We have been providing our clients with the finest in custom picture framing and exceptional customer service since 1980. Our clients include local and international artists, galleries, interior decorators and anyone who would like to add that extra special finish to their home or business.

We have a wide variety of frames you can choose from which includes synthetic and genuine wood frames.

Our exceptional quality, attention to detail and value for money has made us one of the leading providers of custom framing - our clients keep coming back for more!

We have a strong commitment to continue improving and progressing and believe that our attitude towards the industry, including our impressive creative approach, sets us apart from the rest.

We consider ourselves as a team and each member is committed to quality, service and providing our clients with a truly exceptional end product.

You name it, we frame it – whether it be the framing of any art form, sport jerseys, collectibles, photography, children’s art, custom made mirrors - we have just what you are looking for – custom framing to fit your personal style and budget - all our work is done on the premises.

Feel free to pop by – we are more than happy to provide free advice and ideas about matching frames to your own décor.

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Block Mounting

Block Mounting Block mounting, also known as display mounting, photo mounting or art mounting is a popular and more affordable alternative to picture framing. Whether it be your favourite photograph, children’s artwork or poster, in fact, any type of printed paper,  it is durable and has a smooth and professional finish. We specialise in custom-sized block mounts for you – this includes the mounting of your image to a block mount – ready to hang. Block mounting is commonly used by photographers and the retail and commercial industry to display their digital photographs, signage and advertising.

Diplomas, Certificates & Print

Diplomas - Certificates - Print
Diploma is a Greek word that translates as folded paper. The term usually applies to the certificate people receive when they complete studies in high school, college, university, trade or professional schools, or the like. It’s rather ironic that the word is used currently, since diplomas are seldom folded, and are either handed or mailed to graduating students in flat form. In whatever form you receive it, we will frame it!

Multi Frames

Multi FramesA multi frame involves combining multiple images together to create a single image. Do you have many different-sized photographs to showcase? Whether it be photographs of the family, a recent vacation, a specific theme, or simply to capture special memories in a single image, the multi frame would be the ideal option.


Mirrors A TV Unit is the focal point of most living rooms. A mirror is an object that reflects light or sound in a way that preserves much of its original quality prior to its contact with the mirror. The most familiar type of mirror is the plane mirror, which has a flat surface. Curved mirrors are also used, to produce magnified or diminished images or focus light or simply distort the reflected image. Mirrors are commonly used for personal grooming or admiring oneself, decoration and architecture. Interestingly though, most mirrors are designed for visible light. No matter the use, the size or shape of the mirror, we would be happy to frame it according to your wish!

3D Box Frames

3D Box Frames Whether it be precious keepsakes, fondest memories or special times, 3D box frames will visibly preserve those once in a lifetime moments. Each time you look at the finished product you will feel those special times come to life! A truly unique and personal gift, no matter what the occasion, your memories are captured safe and sound in a 3D box frame.

Conservation Framing of Valuable Art

Conservation Framing of Valuable Art If you are wanting your limited edition art to maintain their initial value or even better, increase in worth, it’s essential that great care is taken of them. Our expertise and the quality of our materials are here to preserve your most sought after art pieces and frames.

Canvas Stretch Block

Canvas Stretch Block Canvas stretching describes a popular method used to present canvas. Essentially, it involves wrapping a canvas print over a square wooden frame. Although there is often a small amount of 'stretching' involved, this is quite minimal in order to avoid distorting or damaging the print.

Float Glass Framing

Float Glass Framing Float glass is so called because the molten liquid is allowed to flow over and float on a layer of molten tin. It can then form a perfectly smooth and glossy surface of even thickness. The glass is allowed to cool and solidify in a controlled manner. This process means there is no cracking or straining and the resultant product is less brittle. Today 90% of glass is produced using the float method. Be it a print, photograph or painting, a stunning piece of art deserves a fantastic frame. So why not beautify and protect it even further by using the float glass method, the sort of protection only glazing can provide

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